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Now distance won’t be a concern, communicate nonstop with us

Nowadays we are very addicted to our phones, but when we have to go somewhere far away, staying in contact is difficult. Taking into consideration all your worries, we have brought you a new way of communication that would help you stay in touch with your family, friends and relatives, and colleagues even in countries far away. Now staying in touch has become easier with the International roaming SIM card by Eldorado Communications.

Who are we?

Eldorado Communications has been working in the telecommunications business for over glorious 15 years. In these years, we have established a wide network by providing our services worldwide.

How do we serve?

international ELDORADO SIM CARD Eldorado SIM is an all-in-one callback service that will help you connect to your contacts wherever you are. You only need to dial an international number from your phone as usual. Eldorado SIM will pick up your call and connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back. It connects the two ends of the line.

Since we have partner services, they will provide the roaming service anywhere across the globe that certifies that the call travels exclusively by generating up to 85% savings and superior sound quality.

All you need to do is, change you SIM card with Eldorado SIM and start enjoying our call services at lower rates. You will receive an U.S. phone number. This is a flexible SIM card that has regular, micro and nano size, all in one. This will make your SIM card fit in any mobile phone.

What’s more?


: We offer a free Eldorado app that would make your calling process simpler. This ensures you are immediately connected to the number you are dialing, eliminating the callback process.
Reloading airtime can be done on our website with just a couple of clicks! You can also buy prepaid pin cards to reload airtime, without the need to go online first.

There are so many more services and option to enjoy with Eldorado Sim. Check out for more information.

We are here to make your vacations joyful at a much lower cost!